Corona measures

Measures to control SARS-CoV-2

We are very much looking forward to your visit with us. Your safety and that of our employees is our highest priority. We would therefore like to give you an overview of our services, our protective measures and the applicable rules of conduct. Please refrain from visiting us if you feel ill.

Unfortunately, we have to expel people who do not follow the rules from the ship. 

If you have any questions regarding your upcoming visit, please feel free to contact us. We will continuously adapt our measures to the current regulations and communicate this on our homepage. Special regulations for individual stops will be announced in the tour schedule under the respective stop.

Limited person and visiting time

  • The maximum number of visitors on board is limited and adapted to current requirements. Currently we expect about 35 visitors at the same time plus ship personnel.
  • Visiting time is currently limited to 75 minutes to allow other people to visit the exhibition.


  • So that you can visit the exhibition spontaneously and do not have to plan in advance, we have set up a guidance system for visitors on the outside of the ship. This will tell you whether there are still places available in the exhibition and if so, how many. This may result in waiting times on land. An online booking system is currently not planned.
  • In order to be able to trace infection routes, all visitors must leave their contact details. The contact data will be destroyed within one month and will not be saved.

Mouth and nose protection (compulsory mask)

  • For all persons over 6 years of age, the legally prescribed mask obligation exists on board. 
  • Our employees in the exhibition also wear masks.

Distance rules

  • The legally prescribed minimum distance of 1.50 m must be observed. This applies in the exhibition, in the entrance area and also on deck of the ship.
  • The use of the gangway is regulated by a traffic light system
  • Please note that group formations are only permitted if the persons are from one household and the number of persons is adapted to the location.
  • The use of the seats is only permitted alone or with persons living in one household.


  • Please follow the general rules of hand hygiene. On board, washing facilities are available in the toilets. You will also find dispensers with disinfectant in the entrance area and the exhibition, so that you can regularly disinfect your hands.
  • Also observe the rules for coughing and sneezing (keep your distance, turn away, sneeze / cough in a handkerchief or crook of your arm, wash your hands).


  • The cleaning intervals of the exhibition are increased. The basic cleaning takes place before the opening, during the lunch break from 13.30 to 14.30 pm and after closing. 
  • The interaction surfaces as well as frequently touched surfaces such as door handles are cleaned several times a day.

Use of the audio guides

  • For the use of the audio guides on board, separate headphones with jack plug (3.5 mm) can be used. 
  • Alternatively, headphones can be provided, which should be cleaned thoroughly after use.

Food and drinks

  • The bistro is operated according to the requirements of the respective federal states. Therefore, it may be that we cannot offer our usual service. It is not possible to consume food that you have brought with you.

Our corona measures at a glance